Responsibly Tasty!!

Today, people are increasingly concerned with responsible food. You can’t really ignore it anymore. Too often, however, they still believe that responsible food may be less tasty. Our mission is to change that! We’d like to prove that these two extremes can indeed come together.

In our bakery in Andelst we produce 100% gluten-free bakery products. In addition to gluten-free, we can also prepare our recipes lactose-free, organic, vegan and / or with a lower sugar content. But no matter how diverse recipes may be, we don’t want to make a concession on taste:

our products must above all be delicious!

We have the knowledge and bakery experience to be able to meet almost all of your specific product wishes. We combine this with years of experience in retail and private label production. Our products can therefore be found as private label items in the stores of national and international retailers. As the specialist in the field of tasty, responsible bakery products, we are able to increase the profitability of your breakfast products and biscuits. Do you want to know how? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to share our ideas with you!