Savoury Snacks

Despite the fact that we are of course an industrial bakery, we still try to preserve the craft of baking as much as possible when producing our crackers, our snack crackers and sticks.
This product group in particular deserves the title “responsible”.
A cracker is naturally low in sugar. For the toppings we often use pips and seeds that make the crackers extra nutritious. This makes our large crackers ideal as part of a good breakfast or a healthy lunch. Our smaller sized snack crackers and sticks are tasty, responsible snacks.
We can offer our crackers and sticks in various sizes and pack formats. We also have a large number of different recipes available for you, for example organic and vegan. All of our crackers and puff pastry snacks are of course 100% gluten free.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The reason being that a good breakfast makes sure that you can get through the day, because you have built up enough energy to get a great start.

We carry a beautiful product range for a great start of your day. In addition to crackers, we can offer you our traditional Dutch breakfast cake, rusks and granolas. As you can see : something nice for every taste. We produce these products in various flavors and pack formats. All 100% gluten-free, but also available with less sugar, organic or vegan.

Our breakfast cake and rusks are obviously also suitable as a treat with your cup of coffee or tea.

Cake & Muffins

Cake is the largest product group within the bakery segment. This is not surprising because everyone loves this delicacy!

With our recipes we also make this treat responsible for you. Our bakers can make traditional cake products for you, such as a hotel cake, coated cake or nice Dutch ‘Gevulde Koek’. In addition, we also offer you our beautiful muffins.

We can play with flavors and toppings. Like in our other product groups we also have organic recipes and recipes with less sugar available for the muffins we produce. Needless to say that all of our cakes and muffins are 100% gluten-free.

Sweet treats

Sweet cookies are baked with us! But we bake them according to responsible recipes.
Gluten-free, and we can also make variations in recipes : organic, vegan and less sugar. Because what can be better than a treat for yourself :
a cup of coffee or tea with your favorite biscuit.
A true Dutch tradition.

We produce the traditional favorites within the biscuit segment for you, so let us complete your treat

Seasonal cake

During the traditional seasons in the Netherlands, such as Easter, Sinterklaas & Christmas, a lot of bakery products are consumed.

We also have an extensive range of cake- and biscuit items available for these beautiful moments. We can vary with butter, margarine, organic and / or vegan recipes and all our seasonal products are 100% gluten-free as well.

We are happy to brainstorm and develop with you to create new and traditional, seasonal bakery products.

Business to Business

Products from our bakery are particularly suitable as raw material for a number of other industries, such as for example ice- and dessert producers and producers of spreads.

Since the products that we produce are free from a number of allergens, including gluten, we know that for example our crumbs are a perfect raw material for the producers mentioned before.

Using our products as ingredients for their final products helps them in keeping their production areas free from allergens they don’t have themselves. Besides this allergen advantage,

we can also develop custom made recipes for the crumbs : conventional, organic, free from palm oil etc.. We look forward to developing the perfect recipe for you.”